It's not uncommon to see Fillies depicted with non-Filly animals. Bella, for instance, is often shown with birds. However, some non-Filly animals take up residence with Fillies, mostly for the Butterfly, Witchy, and Star Fillies.

Froggy the frog - Cropped from magazine

Butterfly Filly petsEdit

Insects that share the Butterfly Fillies' homes.
  • Blue (Water family)
  • Cici (Flower family)
  • Harmony (Princess Scarlet)
  • Mystery
  • Maestro (Leaf family)
  • Pinky (Heart family)
  • Honey (Sun family)



The Filly Wedding toy line features a reindeer who pull the wedding carriages. One, a reindeer named Romy, was a magazine exclusive and featured in its comic, Romy Gibt Gas!.

In late 2015, a Filly magazine had Ruby, a pink reindeer, as a gift. Ruby is shown to be friends with a Moonlight region Star Filly on the magazine's cover.

Star Filly petsEdit

12 Zodiac-themed pets. For animal signs with no human qualities, the pet will correspond to that sign (e.g. Aries, the ram sign, has Aero the ram, while Sagittarius, the archer/centaur sign, has an owl).

Witchy Filly familiarsEdit

The Witchy Fillies have animal companions that are frequently depicted with them.


Card by Blue Ocean Entertainment

  • Alexis the cat
  • Flamey the dragon
  • Froggy the frog
  • Hocus the owl
  • Hopsy the hare
  • Pocus the raven
  • Sakury the squirrel
  • Windy the bat

The thing that separates these animal companions from others is the medallions they all wear. These imply that Battiwigs may be a Witchy's familiar. However, a frog is seen accompanying the main cast in one trailer, implying it may be a familiar, but it has no medallion, and so it's possible that Filly Funtasia's familiars do not all have medallions.


Windy the bat - Cropped from magazine

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