It was this tall
Species Bat
Gender Male (unconfirmed)[1]
Home Hideout room at Royal Magic Academy
First appearance Filly Funtasia October 2013 trailer
Other names Battywinks (by a BRB Internacional representative visiting 4chan)

Battiwigs is a bat and the go-to minion of the Wizard of the Dark Mirror. He is exclusive to Filly Funtasia, and has no known toy appearances. He speaks pretty good English for being a bat, and wears a shiny star medallion around his neck.

Known appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

In the October 2013 trailer, he has a conversation with the Wizard where he shushes him and mentions talk of a twenty-feet monster getting closer.

He is seen being smashed into a brick wall, after which he is enough confused that chairs fly around his head and wants to ride on a carousel. This scene was remade in a July 2014 clipshow, in which the art on the wall was changed from a pink brickwall to a flowing design in various shades of blue.

In the April 2014 trailer, he is seen holding the Wizard on top of a chest, and then fumbles and fall down into a chest with red and green gems along with the Wizard.

Heritage and friendsEdit

He appears to have an unnamed mom, unless he got very confused by colliding with the wall when talking about her.

He shows some connections to the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, such as frantically trying to grab his handle after Battiwigs loses his grip of it, but doesn't necessarily receive the kindest words from the Wizard, who has described Battiwigs as a "flying rat".

Possible connectionsEdit

Fledermaus Windy

As animal companions are common in toys, bats are not unprecedented in Filly merchandise. A card related to the Filly Witchy brand shows "Windy the Bat", with some similarities in colouring and design. Though it's similarities in a broad meaning of the word, there's quite a few of them still.

References and notesEdit

  1. While having a clearly male voice in the October 2013 trailer, he is not referred to by gender pronouns in said trailer, and because he is in official sources mentioned along with the Wizard of the Dark Mirror, the two are only known to be referred to as "they".