Species Belgian[1]
Gender Female
Home Belgium
First appearance Filly Forest brand logo

Filly is a female Filly, and the character seen on the logo of every Filly toy line, altered to display her as that Filly type. She has also had her own figures, such as that from the Filly Beach Party toyline, as well as a handful of special toys such as two display toys given to members of the subscription service Filly Fan Club.

Her gender can be deduced from her necklace (and lack of bracelet) on the Elf Filly logo.

"(Princess) Filly" is also the Hungarian name for Princess Crystal.

Filly Beach Party bio cardEdit

Filly, character, 1

Her bio card in German.

Filly, character, 2

Two display toys for members of the Filly Fan Club.

Filly can be originally traced to western Europe, in Belgium. She is a huge, tall and strong horse. She is one of the cutest and most lovable horses there is. She is very polite and friendly to all animals and people she has met.[2]


  1. There is indeed a horse breed named that, though mostly because said horse type is from that nation.
  2. Original German lines of the last three sentences, in case someone is hoping to get a more reasonably sounding translation: "Sie ist ein großes, schweres und starkes Pferd. Filly ist eines der nettesten und liebsten Pferde, die es gibt. Sie ist immer höflich und freundlich zu allen Tieren und Menschen denen sie begegnet."