Filly Forest
Filly Forest Location 1
Native Filly type The Proto-Fillies of the Filly Forest brand.
For the toy line with the same name, see Filly Forest.

The Filly Forest is the main location of the Filly Forest toy line, and is much more adherred to in its international release outside of Germany, which gave the Fillys more of their own characterism, while even the German website remnants gave most of the bios as being strongly connected to their real-life comparison horses.

The forest is often used for racing through, and have a lake where several Fillys like to relax. Its flora include berries, flowers and clovers, often four-leaved ones, and its fauna include butterflies. As a forest, the flora also involves trees, some of which can fall over and create obstacles for those who want to jump over them.

The summer allows for the growth of berries, while it can get much colder in the winter, especially at night, where most Fillys sit around a fireplace and have problems keeping their warmth. Geographically, it is colder to the north of the Forest, and hotter to the south.

The Fillys who reside in the forest have a long ancestry, some of them tracing their stories to their great-great-grandparents who were mighty and strong horses.


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