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Welcome to the Filly universe's wiki! We’re a collaborative community website dedicated to providing up-to-date information on the world of Filly, that anyone, including you, can edit.

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What is Filly?

Filly Wiki 1

Filly is a toy brand that has lasted since 2006, with toys made annually since 2007. It has very slowly but surely added more fantasy elements to its toy lines, and the difference between the first Filly Forest toy line and the most recent Filly Stars line is very pronounced.

There have been a few claims that a television cartoon will be launched at some point, but none of the claims have managed to stay afloat so far.

Information sought after

While information on everything Filly-related is appreciated, and that you can feel perfectly free to edit and add whichever things you want, some things are especially much appreciated.

  • Translations from German to English of the Filly Sammelband pages
  • Character bios and locations present in the Filly Ice Witchy brand
    • Easily traceable sources that Icia is the name of Filly Ice Witchy's town.
  • Translations of descriptions or content in the German Filly audiobook CD's. (This should be a good place to start.)
  • Names of the two Fillys in this playset from Filly Wedding
  • Official statements from any company involved in Filly Funtasia, about the reasons behind any of the show's countless delays
  • Solid information on Black Dragon Entertainment Ltd.

If you have info on any these, try out some editing and page-making to your heart's content. It's actually easier than it looks!

Latest activity


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Filly Wiki is a part of the organised English-language Filly fandom. For a list of other fansites that may or may not contribute to the Filly Wiki, see Category:Fan sites.

There are also a select few contributions from the Russian and German fandoms.

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