Icia 1
Image cropped from Spiel+Spass
Native Filly type Witchy

Icia is the town of residence of the Ice Witchy Fillies. Despite only having seven registered residents, it is a lively town with multi-story houses, outdoor sale stand, and an ice rink on the center square. The ice rink is circle-shaped, in contrast to in Glacia and Crystal Valley, where they were heart-shaped.

The town is host to a speedskating competition, a large ice statue collection, the ice cream café "Frostine's Winter Wonderland", an ice violinist, and celebrate Christmas once a year. The houses and a few street lights provide lighting to the town, but are probably surpassed by the fact that the Ice Witchys' hats glow when they skate on the town square rink.

It has only been seen in winter conditions, and known native flora includes "ice flowers", bushes, and pine trees.


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