Noélle 1
Species Unicorn
Gender Female (uncertain)
Home Unknown
First appearance Filly Advent Calendar 2011

Noélle is a Unicorn Filly who bears a lantern.

She is known to have appeared in two advent calendar sets. The first was the 2011 advent calendar where she appeared alongside Christmas Angel and Noëlle, while the second was the 2012 advent calendar that listed many more card attributes than just the regular three 0-1,000 stats, of which the only other known Filly to be involved is Christine. In the first she was toned yellow and blue as the other two was, while in the second she was given much more reddish colors.

While her companion Noëlle have a common female French name, Noélle does not appear to be correct writing as Noél is not acknowledged by Wiktionary as being a word or subset of one due to the É being an incorrect diacritic. For the purposes of giving her a gender, it'll be assumed to be a variant on Noel or Noël.

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