Noëlle MFH 1
Species Princess
Gender Female
Home Unknown
First appearance Filly general advent calendar 2012
Other names Weihnachtsprinzessin Lang-DE
Other relatives Baroness Flower (aunt)
Sir Kuno (uncle)

Noëlle is a female Princess Filly, who once a year travels to the Castle of Rhiannon to visit her aunt and uncle for Christmas. She gives great presents to the Filly Kingdom's residents, and there are claims that she has been spotted riding a sleigh powered by eight reindeers. Perhaps Romy has taken some part-time jobs before?

She was one of the three exclusive toys of the 2012 general Filly advent calendar, the other two being Weihnachtsengel and Noélle, who had appeared as exclusives in previous advent calendars.

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