Species Quagga
Gender Male
Home • South Africa (first-release)
• African savannas (restructuring)
First appearance Filly Forest toy line

Quaggi is a male Quagga from the Filly Forest line. His species are more or less extinct, which doesn't visibly bother him.

In the first-release canon, Quaggi's ancestors ran alongside other types of zebras on the savannas, before the last of his family died in a zoo in 1883. Modern-day scientists has only partially recreated the "Brown Zebra", although the job has been good enough to have Quaggi running around in a nature park in South Africa alongside his unnamed parents and siblings.

In the restructuring canon, Quaggi is a Filly with stripes on the front parts of his back. His family comes from an extinct zebra species who once lived in the Hot South, apparently contrasting with the Cold North, where they ran on pretty grasslands.

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