Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Amoria
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Other names Роза Lang-RU
Parent/s Leaf
Other relatives Cordelia (aunt)
Romeo (cousin)

Rose is a female Unicorn Filly, and the main character of Filly Funtasia, which focuses on her time at the Royal Magic Academy. She is a Unicorn Filly from the floating island of Amoria within the Crystalia island system; her mother's name is Leaf, her aunt is Cordelia, and Romeo is her cousin.

In Filly Funtasia, she appears by the trailers to be pretty concerned most of the time, be it traps falling down, exits not appearing where they should, and matters of truths and heroity. When she isn't concerned, she's pretty happy, excited or even laughing, even being able to drive other students insane with her good mood.

One of the trailers begins with Rose saying a cheery goodbye to Leaf (her mother) and a male Filly, presumably her father but as of yet unnamed.

In merchandise, she is considered a very good art painter, with special coloring abilities coming from either a paintbrush or her horn. The paintbrush is the one used in German sources and is given priority. She is also helpful at Leaf's restaurant and is good at cooking food, but wouldn't consider it something she would spend her life doing, rather wanting to become a famous painter with exhibitions of her art. She also have tendencies to be somewhat of a romantic, dreaming about finding true love.

Rose bio

"Rose, the daughter of Leaf, is very fond of art and painting. When she is not helping her mother in her restaurant, she can spend hours in the garden painting wonderful pictures."

Known appearances in Filly FuntasiaEdit

As of 7th of September 2014, several trailers has been released, but there is uncertainty around which episodes the scenes in the trailer will become, so most of the scenes are treated here as separate scenes.

In the October 2013 trailer, when Will wonders where his cupcakes are, she explains that Bella wasn't the one who took them and that an unnamed "someone" took them by might, and tries to get Bella in on the explanation.

In a later scene, Rose discusses with Bella whether they need to "tell the truth". She is also seen shooting down Bella's exclaimation of being a hero.

Two scenes regarding a cage of wood first has Rose mention to Bella not to touch a blue solid object, followed by her being shocked when seeing the cage trap.

In the November 2013 trailer, she is seen standing on top of a meadow hill and looking at butterflies. This involves getting up on two legs to get up to the butterflies, and a faint "Hi" can be heard.

In the April 2014 trailer, Rose is seen exploring various caves with two characters, Zack and Fabian.

Rose is seen hugging Lynn in a dark forest, which appears to be related to multiple scenes where Lynn is seen running into a forest at night.

Rose carrying palette - Image from Blue Ocean Entertainment's site

In the October 2014 trailer, which is more linear, the cave scenes from the April 2014 trailer are greatly expanded upon, as Rose and Zack has fallen down into a ditch, after which Fabian ends up falling down too. In a lack of other options, the three of them explore a cave system looking for an exit, including narrow ledges and labyrinth-like passages. After exploring for a while, the exit wasn't at the place Zack believed it to be.

In the October 2015 trailer, she seen walking through school with all the other characters, scenry, and events. She is then posing with her friends at the end.

A synopsis for S1E02 Alone At Last mentions that Rose and Lynn are dormmates, and though they usually get well along, Rose apparently has had a stint where she's driven Lynn "crazy".

Another synopsis for S1E04 The Crush makes Rose the target of an affection that Cedric has got for her after he was involved in a crush potion accident.

Literature descriptionsEdit

Taken both from the German-language Filly Sammelband and a Russian-language Filly Unicorn book.


Art artist


  • Name: Rose
  • Eye color: blue
  • Coat color: pink
  • Horn color: pink
  • Occupation: Art artist
  • Island: Amoria
  • Favourite activities: To paint and to attend exhibitions
  • Ability: To make the paint glow
  • Character: Creative, dreamy
  • Unusual trait: She has a magic paintbrush, and with it she can paint every color of the rainbow.
  • Favorite motto: "With a brush and some paint and paper, I paint the prettiest pictures."

Her talent:

Rose rarely can be seen without a paintbrush or colored pencils. Her most favourite thing in the whole world is to make sketches and paint pictures. Secluding herself in the Amoria garden, Rose spends hours on painting masterpieces that amaze anyone who sees them. Of course, it's not just about the talent - it also has to do with the magical power of her horn: as soon as Rose touches a painting with it, the painting sparkles with colors so mysterious that nobody has ever seen them before. Simply charming!

Her dream:

Rose is a frequent guest in Leaf's (her mother) restaurant, since the kitchen always needs some help. To cut vegetables, to stir soup, to wash dishes? Sure! But if you were to ask Rose if she wanted to dedicate her life to cooking, the artist would answer: No way! She dreams of her own museum where she could display her paintings. And also Rose really wants to set up an exhibition with only paintings of hearts — Rose likes painting them the most!

She likes to do this:

When she isn't helping her mother in the restaurant, she sits for hours in the garden and paints beautiful magical pictures.

Her most important painting:

For Crystalia's anniversary, she made a tremendously huge picture where every Filly was included. It was placed in a spot of honour at the castle.

Her pieces of advice:

If someone needs support, Rose is always ready to come. For instance, she likes to take care of her cousin Romeo. He is head over heels in love with Kirina, and Rose often reads his poems and gives him advice on how to conquer the beloved one's heart. But will Rose herself find the prince of her dreams? Every night (and even more frequently!) she dreams of great love.

Toy releasesEdit

Having been part of a popular toy brand, Rose has seen quite a few releases, editions and distributions of her.

  • 2011: Filly main magazine 03/2011, 05/2011 (1 Filly out of 20)
  • 2011: Filly Unicorn main set
  • 2011: Filly main magazine 10/2011
  • 2012: Filly year calendar (1 Filly out of 20)
  • 2012: Filly Unicorn Silver Edition main set
  • March 2012: Filly Special magazine #12 (1 Filly out of 4)
  • 2012: Filly Special Edition 1 set (Holding a set of painting equipment)
  • Filly Unicorn Pearlies main set
  • Filly Unicorn magazine: Schlosszauber (Holding a heart)
  • Filly Ballerina version (wearing a tutu)

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