Russian Filly magazine 1

Abra and Cadabra flying around on a 2014 front page of the magazine.

The Russian Filly magazine was started in March 2012 by the toy and magazine company Origami, and is said to cover at least Filly Unicorn, Filly Fairy, and Filly Witchy. While its content appears pretty similar to the main magazines that are published in other languages, with translated Filly stories, contests, puzzles and tasks, the magazine claims it can tell you about important things and to not fall off track on Filly, while at the same time having fun.

Origami claims to be distributing its material in all of Russia and parts of Kazakhstan, but at least six oblasts are not covered by their eight distribution zones.

The magazines have close ties to Club Filly, hosting some of its competitions through the Club, and has included advertisements for Club Filly in it.


  • The magazine has been rated 0+ by the Russian classification bureau, proving that at least some Western franchises can get a 0+ after all.


Origami's page on the magazine (in Russian)

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