Species Elf
Gender Male
Home Magic Boat House
First appearance Filly Elves toy line
Sibling/s Mirabella (bigger sister)
Other relatives Felix (cousin)
Sally (cousin)

Skip is a male Elf Filly, and Mirabella's younger brother. He is an aspiring comedian, a fun-seeking Filly, and a lover of sweet food.

Description from MyFilly siteEdit

Skip loves to tease his big sister, Mirabella. Everyone finds him cute and funny, and he dreams about becoming a standup comedian and make others happy with his jokes.

Description from Filly SammelbandEdit

Skip Comedian

  • Eye color: Green
  • Skin color: Sky blue
  • Biggest wish: Becoming a successful stand-up comedian
  • Motto: No one must ever feel sad, when I come across a new joke has had.
  • I like this: Waterlily lemonade
  • Family and friends: Loves to annoy his big sister Mirabella.
  • Unusual trait: Skip is the youngest Filly in Emocia.


Skip loves all sweets, especially the delicious muffins of her cousin Sally. There can never be enough of them!

Do you know ...Edit

Skip is secretly a little in love with the mind reader Madeline. But he would never admit it!

His favorite placeEdit

When you're looking for Skip, the best place to look is at the Yellow River. There he likes to sail around with the Happy Fillys' boat and relaxing with a glass of waterlily lemonade.

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