Varita 1
Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Iridia
First appearance Filly Unicorn tin box
Other relatives Flora (unspecified)
Princess Sparkle (unspecified)

Sammelband descriptionEdit

Varita Princess


  • Eye color: Blue
  • Skin color: Mysterious violet
  • Biggest wish: To know that every Filly is safe
  • Motto: When you fall for tricks of the wrong track, I'll escort you home safely.
  • She likes: Cookies
  • Family and friends: She is related to princess Sparkle and Flora. Additionally, she has a very wide circle of friends!
  • Characteristic: She possesses a magic wand.

Special birthday girl: Varita's hoofs shine on her birthday in the most beautiful colors. That's really something special!

Moonbed: Guess what's Varita's favourite sleeping place... The moon! On evenings she travels with the help of her magic wand to the celestial body and makes herself comfortable.

Her magic wand: Varita's magic wand can conjure up wonderful rainbows. With their help the princess brings every lost Filly home safely.