Species Unicorn
Gender Female
Home Belucia
First appearance Filly Unicorn toy line
Parent/s Claudia
Sibling/s Iris

Zara is the most charming unicorn in Crystalia! She likes to visit her mother Claudia's beauty shop and help her there, as well as track new trends in shoes and clothes and give advice to the shop's visitors. Zara is a fashion model, and so she is a real fashion expert. She spends a lot of her freetime admiring herself in the mirror and taking aroma bathes in her bathroom, to relax.

In the evening, Zara often sneaks into her sister Kirina's room. They just love to apply makeups for each other, or to experiment with new hairstyles. But sometimes they just want to have fun, and start pillow fights, laughing so hard that they can have a hard time stopping.

Zara's goal is to become the best model ever, conquering her place on the podium. Zara dreams of going on tours all around the world, taking part of fashion shows of famous designers. But Zara also has another dream: to open up her very own shop where she will sell necklaces, hats, masks and other things, such as fans that she herself creates and uses on especially hot days.